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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Stop Following the Science -- Follow #TheScience

In the 20th century, science is dangerous. Think about it. If normal people were to try to follow the science, they might start asking dangerous questions. Questions that make it harder for government and corporations to achieve the progress we need -- progress that our souls need. Questions like: Is pumping children full of hormones actually safe? Has anyone tested the long-term effects? Questions like: Are humans really responsible for every weather event? Aren't we going to need nuclear if we're to replace fossil fuels? Or questions like: We've placebo-tested our vaccines, right? 

And don't even think about questions like: Do the data support the claim that cops are racist? Or questions like: Do any clinical trials support the effectiveness of masks against Covid-19? And especially not like this: Is shutting down our economy and cowering in fear an effective response to Covid-19?

It really is frightening to think about. Just imagine if we did not have attractive, responsible, reputable people on our screens telling us what to think. And working very hard to provide us with content that gives us alternatives to thinking. Struggling with dark feelings of curiosity? Relief is here! Try #ClimateJusticeNow, or #TransRightsAreHumanRights, or #DefundThePolice.

Thinking is dangerous. Thinking people is the "Report Offensive Content" button exists.

Don't think. Don't follow the science. Follow #TheScience.

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