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Friday, November 30, 2018

Brexit And The "Flailing" United Kingdom

[Tillman responds on Conlawprof to Professor QQQ, an academic in the United States.]

Professor QQQ,

You wrote: “It’s hard to say these days that Ireland is worse governed than the flailing United Kingdom.” I don’t know which is better or worse governed: Ireland or the UK. But it is difficult for me to see why you (Professor QQQ) think the UK is “flailing.” The UK is a magnet for immigration and investment. Its economy is growing—above expectations since the Brexit vote—and at a rate higher than most of the countries of Europe.

What, I think, you mean by “flailing” is that its legislators and people are having precisely the sort of constitutional debate [in regard to Brexit] you seek (and perhaps rightly so) for the American people about the shape of our society. What you see in the UK is what that sort of debate looks like in a world where the “Philadelphia” convention cannot meet in secret and in a culture where norms of deference have been largely superseded by democratic norms of transparency and wide public participation. I think you (Professor QQQ) should be applauding what you see in the UK—the fact that you are not doing so is more than a bit disturbing.


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