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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

"Discrimination!": The ultimate bloody shirt

Mr. X wrote:
It's not a bloody shirt argument (you and your love of 'logical fallacy' colloquialisms, with no fundamental understanding of the actual logical principles behind them). Discrimination is based on the premise that any individual should have equal protection under the law, regardless of their background. How is denying LGBT people protection from unfair housing and workplace rules an argument without principle or merit? All you do is shout out "false this" and "bloody shirt" that, but, as usual, lack anything substantive when someone actually challenges your premise and presents specific details. Typical.

I didn't accuse you of a "bloody shirt" argument as a fallacy because you didn't make an argument. Thus I didn't accuse you of a fallacy. If you're going to bigtime me, Mr. Logic Teacher, then you just screwed yourself up, did me dirt and lost at your own game. Apology accepted. To business:

By invoking "discrimination" over and over and over, you "waved a bloody shirt," this is the literal history of the phrase:

in the campaigns of 1872 and 1876, orators would literally wave a bloody shirt to remind audiences of the Civil War

Just to let everybody see what's going on here, because it's How The Sexual Revolution Was Won, STFU. You. Bigot. "Discrimination!" is a contentless appeal to emotion that harkens back to the Civil Rights Movement about the rights of black people.
"transgenderism" = being black
What is "transgenderism?" A biological fact? A psychological disturbance? Who cares? Discrimination!

"Discrimination!" is not an argument. "Discrimination!" is a highly effective talisman to wave instead of making an argument--to compare virtually any issue today to the legitimate issue of how America treated black people back in the day. A bloody shirt. Highly effective, which is why I wanted everybody to see how you so often [and no doubt effectively] played the same card over and over here without ever actually making an affirmative argument.

Absolutely nothing personal here, brother Mr. X. This is about showing our readers the techniques, the steamroller that Adam Silver and his ilk ride--no details, no respect for other points of view: You are wrong, and we will bury you by political-economic force alone, bullying you into silence with the clever technique of "Discrimination!" which makes you the bully, and a bigot, and a Bull Connor, just like in 1964.

I hope some of our readers saw what just happened here, and thanks for your co-operation in illustrating exactly How The West Was Lost. You played your role perfectly. "Discrimination!" is the ultimate trump card. The ultimate bloody shirt.


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