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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Human Event #2

Ya gotta hand it to that Jay, he keeps comin' atcha.

Tomorrow's Human Events features an article of mine encouraging the Republicans to show a spine legislatively and campaign positively.

Here's a smidge:

When I have worked as a consultant on political campaigns, I have argued to my bosses that they should not focus on selling themselves as the best or even the better candidate. They should run as if they have no opponent, and the plebiscite is a referendum on their qualifications. Up or down, yes or no, do I like this guy?

This thesis becomes very relevant now, as Republicans work on reversing some disturbing trends. First, there is some sag in the poll numbers, although perhaps no more than normal for this stage in an election season. Ronald Reagan went from SAG to the top, but it ain't easy. Also there is a certain level of disenchantment among generally steadfast Republicans. When budgets bloat, spirits shrink. When illegals seep in, voters bleed out. When politicians are grifters, voters become drifters. How many voters looked at Randy Cunningham going to jail for taking bribes and wrote off all politicians as randy, cunning hams?

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Tom Van Dyke said...

I read your whole article, Jay, and Kate O'Beirne has a piece in the new National Review that supports your position: if the November elections come down to turnout, and it will, Republicans will come out based on how they feel about the party.

Historically, the president = party. Maybe this isn't the time for sackcloth and ashes, chasing that highly unreliable uncommitted vote.

(It's ironic that altho many congressional Republicans are running from Bush, Congress does even worse in the polls!)

Provocative article from the always-provocative "Spengler" in The Asia Times. Iran's nukes will be the issue of the year, and Bush is the only one equipped to handle it.