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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Comedy of Current Events: Dave Heimerl

Years ago when I was living my own version of the cubical-land dream and had not yet lit out for the sparkling shores of scholarship, I had a friend who lightened the days of flow-charting and corporate re-engineering by sending bits of self-constructed levity my way. It would not be excessive to say that he was the master of email humor. Alas, we had only an intranet and none of the material was forwarded out to the world at large.

We recently struck up our friendship again and he sent me a piece that was wonderfully funny when the main character was a young Bosnian immigrant and is now adjusted to fit the more fashionable illegal immigrant from south of the border.

Here it is for your reading pleasure (with minimal modification and one story censored altogether) the genius of Dave Heimerl:

Possible Story Ideas

Teacher/Student Murder Story - A young illegal immigrant arrives in the US out of the goodness of a wealthy Mid-Western couple. He is not very bright, but he is very handsome, and he soon becomes the romantic target of his ‘Lifestyles in the 2000’s teacher, who is looking for a dupe to kill her husband. The story follows the dramatic, and often humorous efforts of this siren of the classroom to lure the young immigrant first into her bed, then into her plot. (I see this story line as having the possibility of going in any one of several directions.)

For example:

He kills her husband, she turns on him and he is sent away. She soon follows thanks to the efforts of the wealthy mid-western couple, who are bitter over their lost investment.

He takes the teacher to bed, and seemingly is duped into her plan as she intends. At the last minute, however he kills her (after one final love-making session) and only then do we see that he has fallen for her husband, who has been aware of the plot all along.

The teacher takes him to bed, and he is such a lousy lover that she kills him, does her time and renews the plot to kill her husband upon her release from prison.

The teacher takes him to bed and they hatch their plot. He expands it (mission creep) to include the wealthy mid-western couple so they can get their money. The murders occur, he gets the money and they settle down immediately in a new home without the least bit of suspicion being raised.

A Wrong Side of the Tracks Story - A young illegal immigrant arrives in the US through the generosity of a small southwestern church. He works hard to repay the church members and soon experiences the culture of our country.

The differences between the haves and have-nots are brought home vividly when he falls head over heels in love with the daughter of the wealthy owner of the local mill. Although she loves him also, their love is tested many times as they face the disapproval of both their family and the community at large.

The story climaxes when the couple, having reached the end of their ropes, make a suicide pact and carry it out by leaping from the tallest building in the small south-western town. In a surprise ending we find that the building is only one story tall and they suffer only minor injuries.

Having given their best, they part ways. She marries the son of her father’s business partner and suffers a loveless marriage. He remains at the church as a custodian and never marries. He goes to his grave harboring the suspicion that she knew of the building’s height limitation, and thus the likelihood of only minor injuries when she agreed to leap with him.

A Fantasy Sequence Story - The story begins with a young man (late teens) suffering a terrible day in school. In a classic teen torment sequence of events he suffers an embarrassing episode relating to personal hygiene, is wrongly accused of a prank by the class bully and ordered to meet the bully after school, is put down by the cutest girl in school and finally misses his bus home due to the beating he takes at the hands of the bully. While walking home he pauses to rest and drifts off to sleep.

Here the fantasy sequence begins.

He dreams he is a young illegal immigrant....


James F. Elliott said...

Um. These are funny how? These plots could involve a one-legged midget with Tourette's and they still wouldn't be funny. They hardly rise to the level of humorous social commentary merely by having the "controversial social identity person du jour" as the subject.

The only one that got an internal chuckle was the two teens, and that's because I find "Romeo and Juliet" and its variations laughably inane.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Needs a dwarf Kiss tribute band or something. Now that's entertainment.

Tlaloc said...

I missed the humor as well. It just sounded like someone pitching movie of the week ideas.

James F. Elliott said...

"Needs a dwarf Kiss tribute band or something. Now that's entertainment."

Can I get an "Amen, brother!" up in here?

Hunter Baker said...

Oh, you guys are sad. This is comedy gold. It's possible one has to be experiencing the veal-fattening pen existence of a large corporation to develop a soul noble enough to perceive real hilarity.

The whole thing is a satire of movie-of-the-week entertainment culture and it is well done.

James F. Elliott said...

I write this to you from a little cubicle in a giant warehouse converted into the home of 200+ social workers in a $150 million dollar non-profit. As a fan of Dilbert and The Office: Still not funny.

Hunter Baker said...

Can't question your bona fides, then, but I do question your sense of humor. Would it help if I told you the author is not a Christian?

A JOKE! A JOKE I tell you! I kid because I love!