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Sunday, May 15, 2005

How Do These Arms Have Such Legs?

This quote is appearing over and over in coverage of our latest offensive against terrorist 'strongholds' in Iraq: "Pentagon officials concede that al-Zarqawi's men are better equipped and better trained than previously believed."

I don't understand. Better equipped? By whom? How? Better trained? By whom? Where? How?

All of this is extremely disturbing. It seems to indicate that there are depths to this situation that have never been fully revealed to us as citizens. Is there a chance that this 'insurgency' can continue to grow without the backing of any official state? I feel that we NEED TO KNOW more than we are being told.


Anonymous said...

That would be an admission of failure from an administration that cannot admit failure.

Tlaloc said...

Jay, we openly declared a crusade on the middle east. Do you honestly think the people there weren't paying any attention? Of course the insurgency is going to have backing from power groups in the region.

KeithM, Indy said...

Without knowing where the foreign insurgents have been, we should not conjecture that we are being lied to.

How many people graduated from the al Queda camps during decade before we took them out?

al Queda camps still exist in Pakistan.

al Queda has no shortage of supporters, in other countries.

Could these better trained and equiped Islamist terrorists be from Checyna, and other places of recent and on-going conflict?

Lot's of places these people could have come from, already better trained. As for better equiped, Syria and Iran, plus non-state actors have never had a problem with buying arms.