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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Some Pray, Others Prey

The Bookworm argues that Jeb Bush should stand up to the tyrannical abuse of judicial power by ghoulish Judge Greer. It is worth considering.

This much is certainly true. There is no need for the State to be providing a police presence to prevent individual people from giving Terri Schiavo any water on her lips.

The news is that Congress will coordinate their efforts tomorrow to pass the same bill in the House and Senate, so it can be rushed to the President for signature, allowing this case to be taken away from this judge and moved to Federal Court. Let's hope that this proves to be the thing that will save her for the long term. This horror has gone on long enough.

The hope that proceeds from this hope is that the nation might be galvanized to pass better laws to protect these people.

Oh, and - not to politicize; merely to observe - does anyone still remember when Democrats had compassion for the helpless?


Hunter Baker said...

The Shrivers (Sargent and Eunice) of the extended Kennedy family were just about the last of Dems who cared deeply about the sanctity of life, particularly as regards folks like Terri Schiavo.

Doc NOS said...

By the helpless, I assume you mean TS. Odd, the dems are not the ones using her as a pawn to advance their agenda. Turn the glass inward.

Hunter Baker said...

Doc, there is always a point beneath the politics. The point here is this woman's parents don't want her starved to death and some of us would like to help them.

Anonymous said...

Right on Hunter! It's not about what Ms. Schiavo would want. It's about what her parent's would want! It's about what Hunter Baker wants!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

When I'm in a severly brain-damaged condition, can you come and override my wife's authority as my medical power of attorney and subvert my wish to die? Thanks!

Jay D. Homnick said...

Ordinarily I would recommend a living will but I would hesitate in your case. There might be a misunderstanding when they see the signature: Anonymous.

Hunter Baker said...

No, anonymous, it's not about what I want. It's about what's right. We simply have not seen the kind of evidence I (or anybody else) should need to convince us Terri Schiavo is brain-dead. It has been decided her life is not worth living and that is not a proper standard for a legal proceeding. There is no reason a judge is any more competent to make that determination than anyone else.