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Friday, March 18, 2005

More Schiavo Misery

I spent most of this morning in bed, in deep depression over the Schiavo case. My Hispanic cleaning lady asked permission to keep the television on while she worked because she and her church prayer group were fasting on behalf of Terri, and she was anxious to hear updates.

As for this weird Michael Schiavo guy, let me refer you to Peggy Noonan today and also to my friend Jonathan V. Last of the Weekly Standard quoting Wesley J. Smith's work on this case.

I will reproduce here my note that I wrote Jonathan, responding to his quote from Wesley Smith that Michael Schiavo's initial motivation was to grab the money from her trust fund.

Unquestionably, Wesley's analysis of how this madness BEGAN is 100 percent correct.

However, it can no longer adequately explain what is happening. After paying for the lawyers, there is only about 50 thousand left in the account, and it's a good bet that once she's dead the lawyers will submit new billing to try to grab that sum.Furthermore, a San Diego businessman publicly offered Michael 1 million dollars last week to walk away, and he turned it down. That much is in the public record. He also claimed on Todd Schnitt's talk show down here that he turned down 10 million from a Boca Raton businessman. Glenn Beck's listeners have pledged about 3 million if he would back down. He has not bitten.

So why is he doing this NOW?

The answer, I suggest, reveals the ugliest side of human nature. People have a tendency to dig their heels in and persist in prosecuting a BAD DECISION much more than they stand behind their good decisions.

Yes, Virginia, there is Evil in the world. Not to mention stupid, stubborn, ornery cantankerousness.


Bookworm said...

No matter how one slices it, this Schiavo guy is behaving peculiarly. One begins to wonder about life before Terri's brain damage. I gather that she had an eating disorder, and it suggests that all was not well in their little matrimonial paradise. Even if Schiavo in no way contributed to her illness, perhaps there was a resentment that drives him now. I just can't get over this man denying a mother the right to hold her child in her arms.

Jay D. Homnick said...

This guy is a startlingly creepy dude.

Thanks for stopping by, Bookworm. Your blog is cool. We need a woman's voice here.

Like they say in A.A., keep coming back.

Doc NOS said...

So the fact that the husband refuses riches makes him evil? How about the fact that he's now gone through 15 years of this and believes this is best for his wife? Perhaps that's another explanation. Or perhaps communists have brainwashed him. On or the other.

Jay D. Homnick said...

Hi, Doc NOS, I saw your comment at Galley Slaves, as well.

1) The husband sued for malpractice, claiming the money would be used for rehab.

2) Since he won, he has not spent a dime on rehab.

3) He won't even let them take her out for fresh air.

4) He had her two cats killed rather than letting her family have them.

5) He lives with a woman and has two kids by her. On what planet does that entitle you to be the guardian of the technical wife?

This is one very sick individual.