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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A New Genre I'd Like to See More Of . . .

The Chicago Sun-Times has an op-ed up featuring a liberal wondering whether he might have been wrong to hammer Bush on Iraq this whole time.

I suspect we may see more of this. After all, as one S.T. Karnick has repeatedly stated, liberalism is all about things like constitutional democracy! It shouldn't surprise us if "liberals" actually tear themselves away from the umpteenth airing of Fahrenheit 9-11 to recall that they should like empowered citizens.

Here's the best quote:

If it turns out Bush was right all along, this is going to require some serious penance.

Maybe I'd have to vote Republican in 2008.


Jay D. Homnick said...

Bush was right all along to trade Sammy Sosa, and that's why those guys in Chicago won't be doing serious pennants any time soon.

Tlaloc said...

The problem is that by portraying the Iraqi "vote" as an exercise in democracy you've already ceded all claims to reality.