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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

A Few Short Questions About Gun Control



Here are a few short questions for those supporting new restrictive gun control laws. 

If a state passes legislation limiting now extant gun-ownership rights, and that state includes one or more native American Indian reservations where a majority of the registered members remain attached to their traditional gun-ownership rights and they refuse to comply with the new laws …. 

Do you advocate sending in the U.S. Marshal to make arrests and to seize their guns? 

If the U.S. Marshal and his deputies (and posse) are insufficient to overcome resistance by our nation’s indigenous inhabitants, do you advocate sending in the U.S. National Guard or the regular U.S. military? And if your answer is “no,” then what happens to equality under the law?

By the way, would you like to volunteer for that mission?


Seth Barrett Tillman, A Few Short Questions About Gun Control, New Reform Club (June 1, 2022, 14:18 PM), <https://reformclub.blogspot.com/2022/06/a-short-question-about-gun-control.html>;


Joe McCarthy Was Correct said...

Wounded Knee 2.0, anyone?

Alice_12 said...
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SC Mike said...

And if I am successful in my petition to the tribe to reside on its reservation and with its permission join in its traditional practices of firearms ownership, will I be treated differently by state or federal authorities?