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Monday, March 28, 2022

Academics Predicting the Future

Volume 2 Steven Gow Calabresi, The History and Growth of Judicial Review, ch 11—The European Union and the Council of Europe’ 267, 277 (NY: Oxford University Press, 27 April 2021), <https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-history-and-growth-of-judicial-review-volume-2-9780190075736?q=calabresi&lang=en&cc=us>:

“I expect that once confronted with the economic consequences of Brexit, one year from now, U.K. voters will come to rue the day they voted by a tiny margin in favor of Brexit.”

Tillman adding: I wonder how many who read this passage saw (or now see) the ambiguity in Professor Calabresi’s wording?


Seth Barrett Tillman, ‘Academics Predicting the Future,’ New Reform Club (Mar. 28, 2022, 5:16 AM), <https://reformclub.blogspot.com/2022/03/academics-predicting-future.html>; 

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