Mensch tracht, und Gott lacht

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Trading Topplers for Troubadours

"We interrupt the current toppling of your nation's monuments to ask you to fight for your nation's interests." 

"We interrupt the current campaign for the elasticity of America's unenforceable borders to ask you to fight for the firm fixity of Ukraine's sovereign borders."

"We interrupt the current incursion of the freedom of Americans to ask you to fight for the freedom of Ukranians."

Isn't this all a bit too rich? But a people will suffer a lot of rot if only you will sing them a song. 

But a people will not fight merely for national "interests." For mere national interests, a people probably won't even stop toppling their monuments, if they've developed a taste for it. But they might – they just might – fight for their nation's glory.


McDermott's War Song, performed by Robin Hunter.

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