Our problems remain epistemological.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Poll questions we'd like to see

 Science Sez:

  • Vaccines really work.
  • Masks really don't.

Can we get the % of those who agree with both propositions [facts]?  I doubt it. Polls seldom ask probative [definitive] questions. They are conducted and/or PAID for by advocates pushing or pulling one politic or the other. 

I'd like to know. I suspect those who agree with BOTH statements are the American consensus, well into the 60%+ range. If only they'd ask.

The rest is emotion and politics.  Not science. The "science community" is now so politicized that even if you advocate vaccinating as perhaps a public duty but you reject masks as little more than a useless [and terribly annoying] virtue signal you are still one of the Great Unwashed.

It is THEY who have destroyed the public trust.  Not only has the medico-industrial complex reaped what they have sewn, but they are STILL sowing it with this mask BS.

Stop lying to us for "our own good."  Only then might we discuss the perennial liberty vs. security question, which is always in the end merely a prudential one--in the olden days we called it 'risk management.'

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