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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Elections in Puerto Rico and the Other U.S. Territories

There was no change in partisan control in DC, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands. 

There are no 2020 election results yet from the Marianas. 

But, the big, big news is Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, there was a shift in control in the territorial Senate and House. Both flipped from NPP to PDP. My understanding is that PDP wants continued commonwealth status—and not statehood. This is what is called news. The territorial governor has been in office since 2019, and she is affiliated with NPP—a party which supports statehood. Thus, political control of the island territory is divided. If that is not confusing enough, historically, NPP loosely affiliates with the “mainland” Republican Party, and the PDP loosely affiliates with the “mainland” Democrat Party.


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