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Friday, October 03, 2008

OBiden vs. McPalin

Hey, I was watching the ballgames. My beloved Phils beat the Brewers and their best pitcher, CC Sabathia. And God still hates the Cubbies, 10-1.

Two quick takes, one of each:

---Sarah Palin pronounced it "NUC-u-lar," just like a well-derided, highly unpopular current president. I'd think that's enough to blow the whole thing.

---But Al Gore beat Dubya on debating points in 2000, but forgot that these debates ain't debates, they're campaign appearances. Gore acted like a creep, Dubya acted like an OK human being.

Tonight, Joe Biden addressed his debating points to moderator Gwen Ifill, looking down and to the side. Sarah Palin looked directly into the camera and spoke to the American people.

All I know is that you can't win the game until you know what the hell it is. Joe Biden, like Gore in 2000, brought a hockey stick to a baseball game. By all odds, the eminently experienced Sen. Biden should have enjoyed a laugher tonight over Gov. Palin, who isn't that long off the turnip truck.

But you can't hit a home run with a hockey stick, even if you're Babe Ruth.



Jay D. Homnick said...

Brilliant analysis, or as the late Bill Buckley would say, perspicacious.

James F. Elliott said...

Good thing the American people, by about 51 percent, are disagreeing with you. A charming dimwit is still a dimwit.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Yes, I've heard that, but only one poll counts, James. And what I cut from my essay was that in November, we'll choose mostly between the presidential candidates, and although I won't call Senator Obama a dimwit, he has certain failings, underqualifications, and outright dumb ideologies about the world.

My core point was that Biden had no excuse for not "hitting it out of the park," as they say, except his own misunderstanding of what an election's really all about.

And thx, Jay. Cheers.

Jay D. Homnick said...

In Chapter 7 of her book, Slander, Ann Coulter shows by an enormous volume of citations that Liberals call every Republican candidate for President "dumb" no matter their education or qualifications or experience.

James F. Elliott said...

Ah yes, Ann Coulter. A scintillating academic source if ever there was one. Next you'll be citing Rush Limbaugh as proof that Senator Obama is an Arab.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Actually, the wife picked up "Slander" for me at the Costco. Before reading it, I looked up all the left-wing attacks on it, but aside from a few minor errors, the only smoking gun was her [improperly] using "The New York Times" when "Maureen Dowd" or whoever would have been more appropriate.

Coulter did footnote copiously, not that it helped, apparently.