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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Oh, we've let things go to hell around here at what used to be your favorite thoughtful blog, thenewswalk.com. All anybody wanted to talk about was the election, and it's done better everyday elsewhere. Everywhere.

But lookee here---I was talking at Mrs. TVD tonight, as married people do, with my one thought on this election we're all so thoroughly sick of:

TVD: Y'know, I always expect John McCain to come off as a bit of a cementhead. He's been busy. Combat pilot, prisoner of war, catting around after they finally let him go from North Vietnam. Then onto the Senate, where politics doesn't leave much time to actually learn much.

But Barack Obama---private school in Hawaii, two colleges, one of them Ivy League [Columbia], then Harvard Law School. Got elected editor of the Law Review, which goes to the brilliantest of the brilliant.

But Barack never wrote anything at the law review, didn't even leave a trace you could google. And the thing that bothers me most is that in two years running for president, he's never said a single damn thing that made me say, "Hey, that's brilliant. I never thought of that!" Instead, I hear the same ol', same ol' whatever.

Mrs. TVD: McCain's a jock. Obama's a hologram.

Mr. TVD has nothing to add, except that he married well.



Jay D. Homnick said...

Au contraire, mon ami!

Obama has had the most brilliant idea of all, one which no one ever thought of previously.

Charm Washington, charm New York, charm Hollywood, and add nothing of substance: that is a recipe for victory in our modern educated world.

Although the idea is original, one could glean intimations for it from the global warming scare.

Tom Van Dyke said...

I dunno. He sure has a lot in common with Max Headroom.