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Monday, August 04, 2008

Hello, Good Bayh

HuffPo has an educated guess that Barack Obama will name Evan Bayh his VP pick as soon as Wednesday.

I got the rest of the races wrong, counting out McCain early and picking Hillary, of course. But I've been a Bayh man all the way.

It makes sense for Obama to do it now. The GOP narrative of Obama-as-leftist is sinking in, and Obama's poll numbers are flattening.

Evan Bayh, a Democratic ex-governor and now senator of a red state, might not be able to swing Indiana to the Obama column, but he would certainly help arrest what appears to be a spiraling distrust of Obama's centrist impulses.

[A distrust, which in my opinion, is well-founded...]


Matt Huisman said...

Bayh would carry Indiana, no problem. While it's true we're red-staters during Presidential elections, there's a very strong Democratic party here - and Bayh is still very popular.

I just wonder if the move would make sense for Bayh?

If it's all about becoming President, an Obama win means a much stronger Soros/Dean/Netroots base. Even if you're Vice President Bayh, are you confident your brand would not be run over* by that crowd?

* Assuming actual political conviction exists.

Tom Van Dyke said...

* Assuming actual political conviction exists

Hehe, Matt. From what I hear about Evan Bayh, he's a Democrat first and a "true believer" not at all.

Which works for me. I like Democrats---my mother was one. It's the leftist true believers who give me the willies. The revenooers, the ones Michelle Obama says won't leave me alone if Barack is elected.

Where's MY gun? I bought one once, I think. Must be around here somewheres...