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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I previously wrote:

I, of course, support Fred Thompson, who, altho a down-the-line conservative, is at least mellow, and undoubtedly to my lefty pal's delight, also stands not even a snowball's chance.

According to the estimables John Podhoretz, Frank Luntz and National Review in general [which endorsed Mitt Romney as the only viable conservative], after tonight's South Carolina debate, please upgrade to

...stands a snowball's chance.

Hey, stranger and far worse things have happened. Like Jimmy Carter...


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Mike Golch said...

If Fred Thompson is the lesser of two evils,I think that there should be a middle of the roader on the repubican side and a middle of the roader on the demicratic side as well,Better yet,one rep and one dem as president and vice president,than let's see how even more screwed up our government can it stands nowOur Great grand children will still be paying off the debt the this current administration has racked up.
One thing could be said about Clinton,he at least had the debt paid dow to nothing and the the president runs us back deep into the hole again!