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Monday, December 03, 2007

Fred Fired, Huck Hired

We put Fred Thompson on our news ticker in the right column back before he declared his candidacy. He was the most interesting thing going.

Me, I still dig Fred---he's the most solid conservative in my view---certainly the most thoughtful---but I think he's not in it to win it, but to hang around and pick up the pieces if the other candidates crash and burn. [See the previous "I, Freddie."]

The latest numbers are out, and there's a new candidate for Mr. Interesting---

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Giuliani with 20% support nationwide while Huckabee attracts 17%. Fred Thompson is at 14%, John McCain at 13% and Mitt Romney at 11%. Ron Paul attracts 7% of Likely Republican Primary voters nationwide and no other Republican candidate reaches 2%...

Now, I'm skeptical that a tax-loving creationist can win nomination, but we need to keep our eye on Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, for good or ill.

Welcome, Governor, and good luck. Please don't make us look like idiots.



Mike D'Virgilio said...


I completely agree that Fred is the most solid conservative in the race. I listened to the interview he did with Charlie Rose and the guy is rock solid. He defends and promotes conservatism far better than any other candidate. Like you say, the most thoughtful of the bunch.

Yet if he's not in it to win, why would he put himself through it. Just to see if he can get the prize on the cheap? Maybe so, I don't know. Maybe he thinks that he can break through by being a different type of candidate, one who doesn't fit the mold. As it's going now maybe there will be pieces to pick up.

As for me, I could never vote for populist Huckabee. Unless of course he somehow gets the nomination. I think the mainstream media is treating him with kid gloves now so that later they can tear down the Bible thumping Neanderthal.

Tom Van Dyke said...

I agree about Huckabee's pass.

Yes, Fred was ace on Charlie Rose. But as Obama found out with his own understated thoughtfulness, voters want rock'n'roll, not a symphony.