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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Utterly Shameless Self-Promotion

I am ashamed. Deeply, deeply ashamed. But do I care? Well, not by an amount sufficient to induce me to refrain from promoting my latest contributions to right-wing confusion, sure-fire cures for the most invincible insomnia. And so I offer these links, all driven by my new paper on the heart of Krugman health care rantings, to wit, the argument that a single-payer (i.e., government) system of health insurance would save so much on administrative expenses that all of the uninsured could be covered (whatever that means) at no increase in total health-care spending.

Yes, my friends, the Great Krugman offers the eternal free lunch. So: Read. Enjoy. Keep Krugman in his cage.




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tbmbuzz said...

Krugman is a fraud. He is not an economist; he is simply a Far Left ideologue who attempts to shoehorn his distorted ideology into economic "theory". Furthermore, his economic "theories" have an uncanny way of shifting 180 degrees, depending on which political party is in power. Krugman is living proof that dishonesty or ignorance always trump whatever is written on a fancy sheepskin (from MIT in his case). The following articles lay out the sordid facts about this pitiful man.

Paul Krugman is
Lying to You - Again

Paul Krugman is Still Lying to You

Krugman the Keynesian