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Friday, September 21, 2007

Will the Real Fred Thompson Please Stand Up

I asked the question a couple days ago if Fred Thompson could really be as pathetic as Dick Morris claims he is. As I said I take whatever Morris says with a large grain of salt, so it comes with some satisfaction that I see Morris purposefully distorted numerous issues he took Thompson to ask for.

ay Robison at The American Thinker has a completely different take on the issues that were the focus of Morris’ attack. I would hope that conservatives would be more careful in their assessments, but it seems that some aren’t. We have plenty of time before we have to vote, so let’s let the real Fred Thompson emerge and cast our votes accordingly.


Evanston2 said...

Thompson's weakness is that others can define him.
Unlike Giuliani or McCain, who have been battle-tested for decades, Thompson could have some unknown skeletons.
He will not get the nomination and is not a safe choice for the Veep.

Best ticket = Giuliani with McCain as Veep.

Mike D'Virgilio said...

Good points, but I can't see McCain willing to play second fiddle to the governor. Plus if Giuliani does get the nomination he's going to need to placate social conservatives, like me. I don't think McCain would bring the excitement from the base necessary to defeat the Clinton Machine. We shall see.

Evanston2 said...

Agreed about McCain (though you probably meant to say "second fiddle to the mayor"). I'm a social conservative, too, but I believe the conservative base is more turned off by free-spenders than anything else right now (given that all GOP contenders are pro-war).

Normally it's stupid to take your base for granted, but if Hillary is nominated I believe social conservatives will turn out no matter what. Her negatives are truly historic.

Evanston2 said...

Mike, I wouldn't cite Ray Robison too much. He is clearly a "Fredhead" and while I don't have a problem with this in particular, Robison is not very circumspect once he has an opinion.

I say this based on his Kosovo observations. He has little factual to say but is ready to insult anyone who questions him. I say this from personal experience. You can judge from my comments on this site how often I personally attack folks -- I don't pretend to be objective, but I don't push myself as a subject matter expert, either.

For the record, I have greater military experience (depth and breadth, but not regarding Kosovo) than he does. Essentially, I believe Robison has a hard time keeping himself at arms-length to an issue. His comments are often entertaining but I wouldn't use him as a reference for anything.