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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is Thompson Really This Bad?

Dick Morris is annoying and clearly not a conservative or a friend of conservatives, so I take everything he says with a large grain of salt. Yet sometimes he is right on. I read his article “Thompson is Clearly in Over His Head” and wasn’t quite sure how to take it. Which Dick Morris wrote this, the one who has decent political instincts, or the one who is clearly not on the right side of the political spectrum? He makes Thompson appear completely incompetent.

I’ve read stuff like this about Thompson, and I’m wondering how much truth there is to it all. Either way, if it gets said enough, long enough, it will gain a critical mass and he’ll have no chance at the nomination. What think ye?


Tom Van Dyke said...

I've been seeing things that way. The presidency takes more energy than any man actually has, and Fred is pretty mellow and his campaign schedule seems quite half-hearted.

By contrast, I've caught Rudy on "The Road to the White House" on C-SPAN, where cameras follow the candidates to diners and pet stores and the like. Rudy is a ball of energy.

We'll leave Fred up a little longer on our newsticker, but Rudy's in the wings.

Michael Simpson said...

It's not unlike Thompson's first race for Senate in TN. He blundered about for a while, then found his footing and went on to win going away. I don't know that he can do it here, but it's worth noting that the first "real" voting is still months away and we live in such a media-saturated environment that things can change pretty quickly. Look, for example, at how quickly McCain's campaign imploded (though it's probably easier to collapse quickly than build quickly).

Of course, I'm still on the anti-Rudy bandwagon, but that's a whole different question, I suppose...

John H. Watson said...

Anyone trotting out the FT is lazy line, or FT doesn't have energy, needs to deal with this fellow's argument:


I actually like the fact that Fred seems like he could live without being president.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Sorry, Mr. Watson. This is based on my own observations. When he's not sweating profusely, Fred looks like he needs a nap.