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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hillary In the Tall Grass

Well, now, I see that many of the Dems are condemning the commutation by El Presidente W of Scooter's sentence. I cannot remember what these particular Beltway blowhards said when Slick Willie handed out a bunch of pardons while helping himself to some White House knickknacks in January of 2000; but I'm willing to bet a lot that the ineffable Hillary won't have much to say about the commutation of Libby. Not today and not tomorrow. I wonder if the other Dems will call her on it during their next debate/forum; they cannot lose by doing so. And during the general election, I cannot see her saying a word about it. And so it seems to me that all this puffery in the papers today about the problems created by the Libby commutation for the eventual Republican nominee is a lot of crap. But what do you expect from the New York Times?


Pascal Fervor said...
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Pascal Fervor said...

boy-o-boy, did you underestimate the Hillary! chutzpah by a country mile.

It's positively Orwellian. I wonder how many other things will follow the along the lines of Oceana's daily rant?

We are at war with pardons.
We have always been at war with pardons.
Strict enforcement is our friend.

(Replace "pardons" with Global warming, and "strict enforcement" with fascism (or statism), and you'll see the pattern has been with us quite a while now.)

Evanston2 said...

Yup, boy wuz u rong.