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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"a wonderful young lady..."

Apparently, out in La-La land, they have a pretty wide view of what counts as wonderful . Even if the young woman in question didn't murder her newborn child, anyone leaving a baby in a dumpster is far from "wonderful."


John H. Watson said...

Ahem. I think the offending quotation comes from her former defense attorney. Said profession does not entirely represent beautiful Southern California. Though all the "support" and letter writing is a little creepy.

Not a pretty sight. And it appears this is the second time it's happened. And her high school counselor says she was one of 10 top students. What a nice reflection of her high school and her university. Leaving aside the immorality of it, if you're going to kill the kid anyway, how do you let it go until birth? Twice?

Michael Simpson said...

Yeah, I couldn't figure out from the article whether this was the second time or whether this was a continuation of the earlier case. In either case, it's clear that this is a disturbed young woman. But I'll bet she had very high test scores...and that's what it's all about, right?