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Friday, April 20, 2007

What Embarrassment

I'm not, generally speaking, a "party" guy. (I'm not much of a partying guy, either, but that's a different story). I generally vote GOP, but unlike, say Hugh Hewitt, I'm not as engaged in making sure "my" guys win, even if I think they're simply awful on the most important issues. (So, for example, there's no way I'd vote for or lend my support to Rudy Giuliani for President). And I found the GOP leadership of Congress in the last few years a thoroughgoing embarrassment.

But they were nothing like what the Dems have to offer. In the House, you have a Speaker who thinks it's just dandy - as Speaker, as Third-in-line to the Presidency - to go and play footsie with a nasty dictator whose country (Syria) is, for all intents and purposes at war with us. In the Senate, you have a Majority Leader who condemns a court decision upholding a bill HE VOTED FOR and thinks that the best way to "win" a war is to withdraw and hand the country over to our enemies. On the Presidential campaign trail, you have *every single* contender rushing to defend an unspeakably gruesome medical procedure under the blatantly false idea that (a) we're putting women's health in danger and (b) that we shouldn't have the state interfering in medical decisions. (It's amazing how libertarian these guys become when it comes to killing unborn children).

Now that's some embarrassment.

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Jay D. Homnick said...

Yes, someone should embar those asses from calling themselves men.