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Friday, April 06, 2007

Mercer Nary Intimidated

Ilana Mercer, whether you agree with her or not, stands out as one of the most independent-minded columnists writing today.

Here is her remarkable defense of Pelosi's Syrian adventure, and I pass it along for your perusal without prejudice.

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Tom Van Dyke said...

Yeah, remarkable is a good word for it.

My remark is that the president's purview over foreign policy goes further than a few words in the constitution, but 200 years of precedent as well, including one of the oldest laws on the books, the Logan Act (1799).

Besides, if Syria wants peace with Israel, they can have it in a month, just like Egypt and Jordan got. You want peace with Israel, you get it.

And if Syria would like a billion or so of foreign aid a year, all they have to do is help out with Iraq and cool it with Hizbollah. One collect call to the Carter Center and you-know-who would be happy to broker the deal.

Ms. Mercer might write something I agree with someday, but today ain't it either.