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Friday, April 13, 2007

Homnick & Hutchins on a Roll

See below.


Kathy Hutchins said...

"Homnick and Hutchins on a Roll"? Isn't that a pastrami and ham sandwich with brown mustard and mayo, with a half-sour pickle and an order of orange jello carrot salad on the side?

Tom Van Dyke said...

With sour pickle, certainly. Something in the chemistry forces even the most sour of pusses to smile.

And nourishing, too, altho it's hard to tell just who's the pastrami and who's the ham. On Jewish rye, of course, since the Catholics haven't come up with one of their own.

(Altho Don McLean owes a career debt to the Irish, who invented both whiskey and rye.)

A fellow could live on this stuff, regardless of its provenance, especially the pastrami and whiskey, not to mention the pickles.

Fred forever.

Jay D. Homnick said...

Other than the fact I seem to have killed Don Ho.