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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Democrat Friends

Sadly, my friendship is unrequited. They largely cull their wisdom from bumper stickers, in this case "FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS VOTE REPUBLICAN," they can't dissuade me from doing so, ergo we cannot be friends. The logic is impeccable; still, it hurts.

Now, I took a lot of deserved grief at the last election over the conduct of the GOP congress. Although by 1994 the Democrats had cut to 30% the number of bills they let the minority party weigh in on, by 2006 the GOP, as the majority, went the extra mile or two and cut it to 10%. Admittedly ungracious, the Democrats pledged to do better, and it was a point I had to yield.

However, DRUDGE tells us that the Democrats will keep the bulldozer running at least for the coming 100 Hours of Terror and Irrelevance.

I do expect the republic to survive, and as for the return of civility, the nation holds its breath. The Democrats will still have to keep their core happy, and the early returns are not promising. It's hard for Democrats to be friends with anyone, especially each other, it seems. In future, I shall try not to take it personally.

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