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Saturday, January 06, 2007

College Football: Last Lap Around the Bowls

Used to be you named a college bowl game after some agricultural product---a peach, a pecan, an orange, a rose, sometimes corn or cotton. Everybody rounded up a couple of teams to play each other on New Year's, and after the carnage and marching bands were done, at the end of the day some sort of #1 was voted on.

Well, like all elections, national champions are seldom decided to everyone's satisfaction. And this year, the scientifically-determined Bowl Championship Series final 'twixt Ohio State and Gatorade U. won't even be played until January 8. Talk about prolonging the agony, and not only that, the crappier (pun somewhat intended) bowls plop at last over the finish line: January 6 is the International Bowl (whatever that is), to be contested between Western Michigan (we might accurately guess where that might be) and the legendary University of Cincinnati.

Alas, the fruits, nuts, flowers and fibers of the bowl games of yore have largely given way to over 40 bowl games bearing the TMs of MCS Computers, Meineke Mufflers and Doritos, but here's to the champs of not exactly an entire corporation, but at least their website:

To the University of South Florida, vanquishers of East Carolina University (24-to-something), I shall remember your achievement at the 2006 papajohns.com Bowl always, or at least as long as they continue their $4.99 (large, one topping) carryout special. History is what you make of it, especially when it's a great deal on a pretty good pizza.


Hunter Baker said...

Yeah, the bowl games suck and I hate the lack of tradition. I can take the Peach Bowl becoming the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, but the step to the Chick-fil-A Bowl is one too many. Let the farmers ride for free baby, the name is worth something and so is the pageantry.

Tom Van Dyke said...

But who's your pick in the GMAC Bowl on Sunday? I say take Southern Mississippi and lay the points. The Golden Eagles haven't looked this nasty since they dropped a squeaker to the Vandals of Idaho in the infamous 1998 Humanitarian Bowl.

Hunter Baker said...

I'm a big USM fan. I think their coach could have gone to a better school, but has chosen not to. He's done really well with that team year in and out.