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Saturday, December 16, 2006

In the tank

Let’s hear it for NW suburban Gurnee neighbors of Chi Bears DT Tank Johnson for calling the cops about his pit bulls, pot smoking, and gunfire.  Ditto for Gurnee and other N. Suburban cops who knocked down his front door to get the loaded guns, etc. and rescue the two kids from accidentally getting plugged. 

Bad cess to Tank for failing to adapt to new surroundings, i.e. middle-class, law-abiding, orderly behavior as practiced in crispy-clean ‘burb as opposed to gun-totin’ SW U.S., where he came from and pot-smoking friends of which he has too many.

This is the issue here, not repressive gun or drug laws, which often deserve to be the issue.  Adapting to surroundings is the thing: when you move into a neighborhood where people’s accepted ways of doing things are new to you, study these ways and adapt, unless you reject them as incompatible with your mores and moral code.  In that case, either get out or hunker down for a long-haul squabble if not fight to the death. 

Ah, but nobody thinks Tank Johnson was making a statement for gun and drug law reform.  Nobody.  He was just sloppy about running his own household, including, by the way, his not being married to the mother of the two little kids, which says something about his casual approach to a life of orderly behavior. 

He is not a globe-trotting Hollywood star spouting geopolitical opinion and ignoring protocol which most have to undergo in adopting foreign-born kids.  Nothing so vulgar.  He is nothing but a slob with bad habits who doesn’t know how to live — not in Gurnee, anyhow, which he is in process of discovering.  Pray for Tank’s enlightenment in the matter.


Evanston said...

You may recall that the Bulls under Jerry Krause had a policy to never draft a Chicago area player. They ended that with Eddy Curry. Curry had good parents and a decent run as a Bull, but it's arguable that he would have been better cutting off the home ties and network of "friends" telling him how great he was. Triple that with Tank Johnson. The Bears took a risk that the Gary, IN prospect could cut his ties with old pals, etc. Well, though you occasionally miss out on prospects (like the Bulls did with Kevin Garnett and Michael Finley), I think it's best for everyone (regardless of race or social background) to completely cut their home town ties and focus on their profession until they mature. I say this as a retired military officer who saw many remarkably talented enlisted men who were clearly "held back" by factors (including family and friends) in their original environs.

Jim Bowman said...

I did not recall the Krause prohibition vs. Chi-area players. Nor did I know the Gary origin of Tank J., who did high school in Tempe, did he not? And brought the dead Posey, originally a S. Sider, up with him from Tempe, where they did h.s. together. Many if not all roads were leading to Tempe, it seems.