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Monday, April 10, 2006

A Recounting

This is a must-read article that will give you some sense of the significance of the fall of Berlusconi, a fall which may have only just begun.

A somewhat bizarre footnote is the fact that I have friends in Alessandra Mussolini's party: don't even...

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Evanston said...

Jay, as noted in the article to which you linked, Berlusconi has been in office longer than any Italian prime minister before him. If Italy returns to its prior rate of changing governments/ministers, his opponents may not be able to sustain their prosecutorial efforts. In fact, given Italy's history he is likely to return to office sooner or later. I'm not sure that all his political opponents will leap at the opportunity to prosecute him, given how "what goes around comes around." Regardless, it'll be interesting to watch from afar.