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Monday, April 17, 2006

Actress Alert

Los Angeles saw Mrs. TVD once again in a (highly-acclaimed) play recently. Damn, she's good. After she murders me, I have little doubt she'll be able to convince the cops she was in Nova Scotia at the time. I hope she gets away with it---she's that good. If she never wins an Oscar, she at least deserves a Simpson or a Blake.

She's a guest on the NBC reality show Starting Over Tuesday, somewhere around noon (it varies) in your time zone. Hint: She'll be the one who seems the most normal. That's talent, my friends.


Hunter Baker said...

Starting Over after what? After the young'uns have flown the coop?

Matt Huisman said...

I only watched a couple minutes of the show - that blonde life coach was giving me the creeps - but your wife came across very well. She'd absolutely get away with doing you in (who's going to notice that a philosopher went missing).

Better keep your eye on those ratings. Producers start getting 'creative' when those things slide - and that's when the spouses pay.

Pastorius said...

Since when do Philosophers get to marry hot actresses?