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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Larry Summers and Harvard

Mike Rappaport over at The Right Coast
is entirely right about the Larry Summers thing. Once he decided to engage on the big issues (and did he really think the folks around Harvard wouldn't get upset with even a question about women's "innate" abilities?), he had to win. Or, failing that, he had to go down trying. Instead, he just wimped out. Maybe men are just not as able to stand up and fight - or maybe he just didn't want to hit a girl (even if just metaphorically)...

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D said...

Bringing up such an issue* is quite moot, when equality is still being fought for.

*An issue which I do think needs to be brought up respectfully, since I'm an engineering student who regularly attends classes which have less than 3 female students among class sizes of 30-40. Other universities aren't different.

Yes, there isn't a big disparity between male and female science and engineering grads. But if you deal with engineering alone, and specific scientific fields, the disparity is quite big.