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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dana Morosini Reeve, RIP

I wrote a few elegiac words in honor of the life of Dana Reeve. They were published over at Jewish World Review.

A brief excerpt:

Dana Reeve lived the celebrity life, where people can only appear outdoors in full performance mode, prettified and primped and preening, what Irwin Shaw called "polished fruit". Then she was thrust from the limelight into the harsh spotlight, where there is no down time, no dressing room, no backstage. Every minute of every day you have to be on, and if you're not for real the folks will spot it in a flash. She showed us solidity beyond compare, throughout her husband's infirmity and her own illness.


Tlaloc said...

It's a terribly hard thing to care for a loved one with a crippling illness. My (paternal) grandfather took care of my (paternal) grandmother through many many long years of alzheimers.

Anyone who carries on such a duty has my deepest sympathies.

Jay D. Homnick said...

Yes, more often than not it's the grandma helping the grandpa, but we forget that it sometimes works the other way.