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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nick Lachey: Losing Your Man-Card

Nick Lachey, the man-half of your favorite former newlyweds (now getting divorcelywedded), has filed for spousal support from Jessical Simpson.

Have some self-respect man. You're in your twenties and have both your health and a measure of celebrity. You're in danger of losing your man-card forever with this petition. Take it back while there's still time!


Jay D. Homnick said...

The lawyers do it as a strategy to prevent her from suing him for money. Still, it's nasty.

John H. Watson said...

He's 32, she's 25.

He started off in a boyband.

He did a reality TV show with her called "Newlyweds".

Hunter, what makes you think he had a man-card to begin with?

(other than landing Jessica Simpson for three years . . .)

Hunter Baker said...

MJ, that last part firmly establishes the man card and would have easily carried him through life with manhood at a level to which the millions could only aspire. But it is a sad thing to drizzle away such an achievement on the seeking of spousal support and no, I don't buy the legal defense angle. I think his career's in the toilet without her and he's trying to figure out where the cash is coming from.