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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why My Husband Will Never Sit on the Supreme Court

My husband is a brilliant man, possessed of legal skills of rare quality and a true judicial temperament. His thought is organized and systematic, his grasp of, and ability to remember, detail is little short of stupefying to mere mortals like me, and he has, in addition, the sort of dry intellectual wit that would make reading his opinions the joy of any 2L. There are, of course, hundreds of lawyers like this in DC, and none of them will ever sit on the Supreme Court either. But my husband has a higher hurdle than any of them, and it is this: if he had been sitting in Sam Alito's seat yesterday, and I had been sitting in Martha Alito's seat yesterday, I would not have been weeping, I would have been using Ted Kennedy's severed head to beat Chuck Schumer senseless. Listen up, minority members of Judiciary: when you survey your peers and notice that Joe Biden is winning the good behavior prize, it's time to rethink.


Tlaloc said...
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Kathy Hutchins said...

I did not start this thread as forum for repeating slander.

tbmbuzz said...

You mean like the behavior of Ted Kennedy, who belonged to exactly the same type of group at Harvard in the years before he killed his girl friend?

You may not see the obvious, Tlaloc, but most Americans do when they watch these hearings.

And by the way, you ARE slandering Alito in every sense of the term. You are calling him racist without one shred of evidence.