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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Steady Balkanization of America

As I understand it, amid the Alito struggle, budget wars, the creeping advance of Big Brother, and all the rest, there proceeds in Congress an effort supported by El Presidente W to enshrine a "Jewish Heritage Month" across the land. Now, I take a backseat to no one in terms of continuing announcement from rooftops of the supreme virtues of Torah, good deeds, charity, and chopped liver, and not necessarily in that order. But this is a terrible idea. There are insufficient days, or for that matter, hours, in a year for "heritage" genuflection to all of the myriad ethnic groups, skin tones, and hair colors that the traditional melting pot is supposed to comprise. And why not dog breeds? The plain reality is that the growing focus on group identity has yielded the incredible destructiveness of group identity politics, with all the of political correctitude, speech codes, litigation, mutual distrust, and general dishonesty attendant upon it. And this is no accident. That the various Jewish groups will support this is obvious, as are the long term adverse effects for all minorities, the Jews foremost among them. This Balkanization of America is supremely dangerous, and Jewish support for it is appalling.


tbmbuzz said...

This balkanization of course results in groups of "victims" whose "victimhood" can only be remedied by the government, which becomes increasingly rapacious, as "victims' rights" groups collect politicians in their pockets. It comes down to not which "victims" have legitimate grievances, but which ones have the loudest and most powerful lobbyists. The effect is an increasing enervation of society.

Tlaloc said...

I don't think anybody really pays attention to the various days, weeks, and months that are attributed to different groups anymore.

The Classic Liberal Anonymous said...

Great quote from a great movie:

"If everybody is special ... then no one is."

I say give everbody a stinking day, week, month, etc.

Ayn Rand is sneering in her grave.

James Elliott said...

I think Dr. Zycher makes a good point about group identity politics.