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Friday, November 04, 2005

Squeaky Wheel Time

Hey, Joe Trippi, thanks for stopping by and for the nice words. (If you are Joe Trippi. If you're not Joe Trippi, then my apologies, Joe Trippi.) But Joe Trippi, wherever you may be, I've got a quibble, if I may.

You definitely appear to be taken out of context on the "oreo" thing, but your hand was already in the cookie jar, trying to snatch some political capital out of the GOP fundraiser at the all-white Elkridge Country Club.

According to The Hedgehog Report blog, Democrats have held fundraisers there, too. It seems there's no deeper involvement with the club than renting the hall. Hedgehog also notes that the club has tried to recruit Black members. (I apologize for the second-hand sourcing, but the original links have disappeared.)

Sorry, Joe Trippi. The underlying truth appears to be neither "obvious" nor a question of "civil rights." (I do hope I'm quoting you accurately.)

But it's cool, because it's all in the game, Joe Trippi. Keep going to the race well until it comes up dry. You're a playa, and I mean that sincerely; mad props for your prompt blog damage control alone. Are there any more at home like you? The GOP could use a few hundred.

No wonder you got Howard Dean as far as you did---you're a 21st century animal, a creature of the internet, and I'd hire you in a Vermont minute, Joe Trippi. Respekt.


James Elliott said...


There really isn't anything sadder than a man trying to imitate a popular subculture so poorly. Seriously, Tom, that was just painful, and I'm not sure any amount of beating will suffice as punishment.

Joe Trippi said...

Tom -- I am against the Democrats using the place as well -- as for them trying to recruit African American members? Call me when they actually make an African American a member. My larger point was that this is actually something that you and I and others can debate without the ugly and repugnant racial slurs and name calling. I believe that the blogosphere is a place that lets us have the conversation -- that is why I stopped by -- because I can promise you one thing -- there are a ton of people who read what the Washington Times reported -- and a ton of emails spreading the falsehood -- and there is no amount of posting on this blog that will undo the damage.


Kathy Hutchins said...

There really isn't anything sadder than a man trying to imitate a popular subculture so poorly.

So how bad was it? I'm so far into fuddy-duddy middle age I had no idea what he was on about. I mean, are we talking Phil Hartman malt liquor ads on NewsRadio bad?

Tom Van Dyke said...

Thanks for taking the time to write a review, Mr. Elliott, altho I was despondent that the first comment waiting for me was a pan.

Fortunately, the substance was received at least by its intended recipient.

I was actually milding echoing Ali G, itself a parody of Caucasoids emulating hip-hop culture. I realize I sometimes go either over or under the heads of the room, but such layering is intentional. Those who get it, get it.

I've put my response to Mr. Trippi on our front page, and I hope you'll understand. No dis(respect) intended.

Kathy Hutchins said...

Well I'll let you West Coast metrosexuals sort it out. Way over my head. Although I do think I should get some respekt for living just up the street from Ginuwine.

connie deady said...

Kathy, as a 50ish, rural East coaster I have to admit I'm clueless as well. Hunter would no doubt say that comes from me reading too much Molly Ivins. ;)

James Elliott said...

I've put my response to Mr. Trippi on our front page, and I hope you'll understand. No dis(respect) intended.

Something about actively antagonizing your visitors with ridiculous verbiage simply strikes me the wrong way, Tom.

Ali G is funny because he does more than just play an exagerrated caricature. A lot of his humor is self-referential and directed towards the Persian community in the UK, whose youth has attempted to adopt hip-hop culture as its own in a gesture of solidarity that all too often comes off comical. It's a great deal more sophisticated than trying to mock an important subculture.

Tom Van Dyke said...

You can be a real bellend sometimes, James...