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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Crime Doesn't Spay

A wonderful headline from today's news: San Francisco Passes Sweeping Dog Laws.

I'm against it. I say that we should let sweeping dogs lie.

(Great line from the article. Attorney Dawn Capp, a lib, hits this one out of the park: "Bad legislation far outnumbers dog bites in the history of humanity.")


James Elliott said...

And this is why I will always remain in San Jose. Our neighbors to the north are rather too rule-happy. I'm surprised Gavin Newsom hasn't flat-out vetoed it. He's usually pretty reasonable.

Kathy Hutchins said...

Given it's San Fran, I was actually surprised by the limited scope of law. In my county, pit bulls are flat out banned, in a typical blue state response to a problem ancillary to the rampant drug crime in the northwestern quadrant. Why enforce laws against drug dealers shooting each other in endless turf wars, when you take the far more punitive step of confiscating their attack dogs. Sheesh.

BTW -- if breed specific laws had any correlation to frequency of attacks, the first breed to be banned would be the cocker spaniel.

connie deady said...

I agree it's a great line by Dawn Capp. I personally think a lot of bad legislation is passed by emotional reactivity. (kid dies of dog bite, released murder kills another person, plug pulled).

Why do you label her a "lib". Can't we just talk about ideas without divisive labels?