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Monday, October 31, 2005

Miami After Dark

When I heard that Scooter might be going to jail to protect George, my natural reaction was: "Is Rizzuto really that loyal to Steinbrenner?" This caused my children to remind me once again that I am out of touch. Well, as Charlie Chan would say: "Indubitably."

Touch is not all I'm out of; I'm still out of power: who will speak for the powerless?

But a pal from ten miles north got his power back and generously stopped by to hook up his generator to my refrigerator, television, computer and a few light bulbs, so I finally have a few minutes to spend on line catching up with all the excitement. (I promised the neighbors to shut down the generator at 1 a.m., it being an awfully noisy contraption.)

Oh, and Tom, thanks for the plug about my dictated column. It's true, I shot the serif - but I did not shoot the deputy, or the intern for that matter.

And, my man Karnick, did I call the Sox thing or what? Cinderella finally gets to marry the ballplayer formerly known as Prince.

Thanks, buddies, for holding up your end of holding down the fort while I try to hold out hope and hold in my frustration.

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S. T. Karnick said...

Excellent article (except the puns). This is a very interesting observation: "the Democrat base gets its opinion from news publications and shows while the Republican base gleans its news from opinion journals and programs." I think that there is some truth to this statement, and it's a very good insight.