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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

David Frum Joins In . . .

This may be the line I was looking for in responding to our Captain S.T. It comes from David Frum:

He should have chosen a justice who could lead by power of intellect, and not because she possesses 1/9 of the votes on the supreme judicial body.

This is so right on it hurts. I have been one of the President's biggest supporters, but this choice represents such offensively poor decision-making, I just can't stay on the boat any longer. If Bush were allowed to run for a third term, I'd support somebody else in a primary run.

The President's petulance in the press conference shows that he knows there is a lot of resistance on the right and he doesn't care. I mean, the guy is just aggressively anti-intellectual and this is one place where intellectuals really count. We've heard from the defenders who try to make it seem that this is about her law school or the fact that various conservatives wanted nominees they knew personally, but that's not it at all. The weeping and gnashing of teeth is over just what Kathy says it is: there are too many who have paid their dues and demonstrated exactly the abilities needed for the court.

The White House thinks that this mess will blow over in 48 hours. Not bloody likely. These disappointments are deep and abiding. If I were polled on the president's job approval number today, he'd be heading into the 30's or worse. When the Pres. has lost me, he's really lost.


Tlaloc said...

So to ask my question again: does this mean you won't be supporting Jeb come 2008?

Hunter Baker said...

Interesting question, T. I have always viewed Jeb as the more talented brother, so I'm not sure. I would far have preferred that he have been President these last several years.

I'm seriously uncommitted at this point.

ChETHB said...

Do you think the White House is being deluged with emails protesting the Miers nomination? Might she opt to step down in the face of all the protest and allow W to choose one of the more obvious candidates?

Tlaloc said...

you know what they say: fool me once shame on you fool me THREE TIMES shame on me.

possible but I think we all know that Bush digs his heels in in the face of opposition. A compromiser he's not. Has Chertoff or Brown been fired? Nope. Has Rumsfeld been fired? Nope. Did Tenet get the medal of honor? Yep.

Tlaloc said...

speaking of polling,
I haven't seen any presidential numbers yet but the numbers regarding meirs are interesting.

See here

The result is that democrats and moderates see Meirs much the same as they did Roberts (which is an interesting bit of insight in and of itself). Republicans on the other hand see her as an excellent choice a startling 29% less than they did roberts (20% vs 49%). The "total negative" is over twice what it was with Roberts, again among conservatives (29% vs 13%).

I'm thinking this qualifies as a big OUCH.