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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bush Triangulates

The interesting thing to me in the Miers withdrawal is the political angle: President Bush has managed to distance himself from the "radical right" wing of his party without noticeably damaging—and has perhaps even strengthened—the likelihood that he will be able to place another strict constructionist Justice on the Supreme Court. It is a classic case of triangulation.


DJB said...

You are correct about creating a distance between Bush and the Right; but another distance has been created between the middle and the Right. Miers is no Roberts. but a lot of people like lawyers working in the trenches identified with her. This display of the Right's power will help create a counter reaction in the Party that will diminish the Right's ability to achieve important objectives because many in the middle are ready to move toward McCain or someone similar.

Dknudsen said...

Either way we are going to have a great nominee in about 8 days!