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Friday, October 21, 2005

Alert Atlanta Metro Area Reform Club Readers:

My old organization, the Georgia Family Council, is having its annual banquet on Tuesday night at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia.

It's a fundraiser, but it is also intended to introduce the organization to interested parties. Sponsors frequently buy more seats than they fill, so they can probably find a place for the motivated attender.

The GFC dinner is always a great Atlanta event. Past speakers include Jack Kemp and Sean Hannity. This year features the new president of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly. GFC is a Focus-affiliate.

And just so you know, I'll be there. So look me up.If you're interested, email kylee@gafam.org.

Update: I've already had one well-heeled taker contact me and the above-mentioned Kylee. I've got room for a few more. Email kylee@gafam.org and give her your name and whether you'd like to bring a guest. Tell her I sent you.

By the way, this is typically not a bad place to meet state legislators.


James Elliott said...

My old organization, the Georgia Family Council... GFC is a Focus-affiliate.

This explains so much.

Hunter Baker said...

Oh, don't be that way, James. Just when I thought you cared, you lash out. You're spending the night on the couch, pal.

James Elliott said...

That's fine. You're such a cover hog anyways.

connie deady said...

I hope you enjoyed your banquet tonight Hunter.