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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ruffini's Poll Is Back

Last time I mentioned the Ruffini straw poll and urged our readers (the GOP voters, anyway) to participate, I kicked off a monumental pissing contest between stat jocks, stat jock wannabes, and just plain ornery folks.

Nevertheless, I am nothing if not consistent. The poll is back and I urge you to vote.

For the record, I voted Brownback on the first question and Condoleezza Rice on the second.


James Elliott said...

You can't have Fred Dalton Thompson run for president! Who'll be the new D.A. on Law & Order?!

Tlaloc said...

There's nothing wrong with participating in the poll Hunter. The problem is in mistakenly assuming unmonitored internet polls have any statistical meaning. Vote early, vote often, just don't rely on the results for anything more than entertainment value.

Tlaloc said...
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Tom Van Dyke said...

That last comment was my favoritest one from that particular author yet.

More of the same is strongly encouraged.