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Friday, August 19, 2005

Gaza's Trip

Well, the great Wlady Pleszczynski flattered the heck out of me by leaving a message on my cell phone saying that he hoped I might "capture" the "enormity" of the Gaza disengagement for American Spectator readers.

I hope that I did him (and the historical moment) proud with my effort today.


Scott Carson said...

I would say that you did us all proud--it is important to be reminded, again and again, that the land that Israel is leaving behind now is land that it occupied during a war of defense against unjust aggression. At what other time in history has such land been regarded as unjustly taken? When in history has it been regarded as unjust to resist those whose stated intent is your own destruction? What other nation would so peacefully withdraw from such land when the stated intentions of its enemies remain the same?

KeithM, Indy said...

That was a good column.

Frankly I don't know what to think of this policy. Not being conversant on Israeli politics, I don't know how to characterize this in its history.

I can only think that this will either show the Palestinian "government" as liars, or honest brokers in trying to create a peacefull state.

Should Gaza become a larger terrorist safe haven, it will certainly make it easier for the rest of the west (ie the US, Britian, and Australia) to take action against them.

Netanyahu was saying on Hannity that this shouldn't have been done without consessions and assurances in return. I think Israel would be waiting a long time before getting anything of the sort from nascent Palestine.

Charles Krauthammers editorial on this issue comes close to matching my view. This is a bad choice among equally bad choices.


KeithM, Indy said...
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KeithM, Indy said...

Here's the link...

Tom Van Dyke said...

"Yet this very peace-loving attitude has the capacity to give a person that degree of confidence in the right and the good that builds him into a great warrior -- but only when absolutely necessary to defend freedom. There may be some other strong armies in the world but the consistent power and courage of the American and Israeli Armies have become the exemplar in the world of modern warfare."

All things being equal, or even remotely equal, right makes might.

Very astute, Jay. Nice work.

Jay D. Homnick said...

Thanks, guys.

Tlaloc said...

The problem is that this is nothing new. Israel is giving back something small with one hand while it grabs something large with the other. It gives back a part of Gaza while grabbing the rest of jerusalem (not exactly a fair trade).

As for "land that it occupied during a war of defense against unjust aggression" well since Israel was founded by seizing lands from their rightful owners that argument doesn't pull a lot of weight. Israel is exactly the last country that can bemoan unjust wars of aggression while it maintains it's war on all palestinian civilians.