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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Do-It-Yourself M.A. in Political Thought

Great guest post by Greg Forster at Evangelical Outpost on how to get an M.A. in Political Thought the autodidact's way. Check it out.


James Elliott said...

What a truly excellent collection of books. It starts with a truly excellent grounding in the evolution of political thought. I found it to be rather Western-centric, which was disappointing, and the books of the modern era are all designed to refute liberalism (I would have preferred a more balanced selection). However, I have to agree with Mr. Forester, that many, many of those books are critical to a rounded political science education.

Hunter Baker said...

I got my undergrad in what I would call mid-twentieth century poli-sci. I also majored in economics. The econ was great. The poli-sci was terrible. Part of it is that my undergrad work reflected the quantitative obsession poli-sci is finally beginning to cast off or de-emphasize. True political thought is making a comeback. When that happens, guys like Greg Forster will be teaching instead of working for school-choice think tanks.