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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Shadow Knows

Life is not always a fairy tale. Brother, it's grim out there.

For a writer like me, tending to good spirits, creating grim moods in prose does not come naturally. Still, the subject of sexual predators is one that looms large in our lives as parents; it behooves us to infuse our discussion of such matters with a tense overtone, a strained inflection, like speaking through gritted teeth.

That was the feel that I tried to impart in my article today about Megan's Law and various situations arising therefrom. Here is a link to the American Spectator for that essay.

In addition to the substance of my points, see if you think that I captured that mood.


Tlaloc said...

As before, Megan's laws are irrational and counter productive. They stem from ridiculous hang ups about sexuality causing our society to penalize a crime more for being sexually related regardless of actual severity.

Consider that a convicted child killer can move anywhere in the country and appear on no database but an 18 year old kid who had sex with his 17 year old girlfriend and got caught by daddy can be branded for life as a sex offender.

We have a system of punishment for people convicted of a crime, it's called prison. If you don't like that system that's fine, try to change it. But to set up a draconian and system that relies upon mob "justice" in order to keep punishing a person for the rest of their lives is both disgusting and pretty anti-christian.

In case the reform clubbers forgot Jesus spent no small amount of time talking about forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

"Jesus spent no small amount of time talking about forgiveness." Megan's Laws don't make it any more difficult for people to forgive their enemies. Plus, in all of his talk about forgiveness, Jesus spoke only of forgiveness toward fellow Christians who have apologized and asked for forgiveness. He never advocated a general amnesty that Christians were enjoined to offer free to all. Look it up.