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Monday, May 16, 2005

A Critical Mis-step from John Podhoretz

In his Weekly Standard review of the latest Star Wars flick, John Podhoretz rages against the fact (SPOILER ALERT) that Anakin Skywalker moves to the dark side because of something terrible going wrong with his wife's pregnancy:

How is it possible that Lucas could have satisfied himself with the notion that the destruction of the galactic democracy and the triumph of evil over good could all have sprung from a single lousy pregnancy? Granted, Mrs. Darth Vader wears some very fetching beaded outfits--plus, she's a senator just like Hillary Clinton, only decades younger and way better looking. Even so, this is astoundingly thin gruel on which to hang six movies made over a period of 28 years.

I'm just sitting here thinking of other big stories (particulary one I think is true) that sprung from "one lousy pregnancy" and I'm thinking Podhoretz is not very imaginative.

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