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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Blog Syndicate

Roger Simon and a select group of others are heading up a new blog syndicate that plans to directly challenge the establishment media in the area of reporting. This could be big whether Simon's group implements it or someone else. George Gilder may have lost his internet investing fortune, but he was dead right in his predictions about the media future, particularly with regard to narrow-casting overcoming broadcasting. You're going to be able to get your news from someone you trust and from people who may have a lot more head knowledge about a particular happening than the cap-toothed or expense-accounted wonder with the NYT or the networks.

See Peter Hannaford's insightful American Spectator article about it here.


Jay D. Homnick said...

Gilder lost his fortune? I'm sorry to hear that.

Tlaloc said...

I've heard a bit about this but I'm unclear how they intend to actually compete with news services when the blogs don't actually have, you know, reporters. All they can do is pick up the stories real reporters tell and reprint them. Obviously local media affiliates do that all the time with AP and knight ridder press releases (not to mention VNPs, ugh) but my impression was the bloggers had more grandios plans than simply being another outfit that runs precanned stories in with their own formatting.

I just don't understand how they intend to do it.

Hunter Baker said...

Tlaloc, it works just like CNN did in the early days. Bloggers can report on things that happen near them and they can also get comments from people they know who experienced or witnessed various events. It wouldn't be any less confusing than early 9-11 reporting.

Tlaloc said...

I suppose if you had a widely enough distributed network of contributors it could work. It'll be interesting to see how it fares.