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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Baseless Charges

There will be no shortage of commentary on the "deal" to avert the showdown on the Nuclear Option to proscribe the filibuster, including many conservatives laughing hollowly at the Democrat commitment to refrain from using it except in "extraordinary circumstances".

My comment will be brief: when will those lunkhead Republicans get it? The medium is the message; their base needed the show of strength more than they needed the issue itself resolved.

Even if the deal works out well (unlikely), the Republicans are huge losers, although anyone can see from their sound bites that they are totally clueless. Well, hopefully, "G-d will protect the gullible" (Psalms 116:6).

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Tlaloc said...

McCain is one of a handful of politicians that can at times impress me. Despite how bitter the (tiny) divide between rep and dems he still managed to create a centrist accord. I certainly have suspicions as to how long the deal may last but the fact it exists at all is a testament to McCain's capabilities.

That the whole thing humiliates Frist is just Icing.